「Show Your Love for Anime」

We are Moe Freak. A small fashion brand all the way up in Northern Norway.

Our style is inspired by what influenced us up through the years. We’re talking Japanese anime, mixed with wacky TV shows, cartoons from all over the world (even France!) and toys from the 80s, 90s through the early 2000s.

From our love for otaku culture and graphic apparel, we wanted to do something cool. With nearly no prior experience, we set out to make our own brand, based in the middle of nowhere in Norway.

Since starting up, we have been experimenting with different types of clothing, styles and techniques while making stuff we ourselves would love to wear. And we’re loving the whole process, from start to finish – from designing and producing to selling and shipping out the goodies. But most of all we’re LOVING the response we get from people like you, if you’re a fan.

We’re honored to have you with us on this journey towards the unknown and beyond!

John-David & Tommy